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You don't say whether you are UK or US based, or how long you want to
stay in Switzerland.
These posts have answered in wonderful detail, just a couple of my

Base yourself in Erstfield or Goschennen and "do" the Gothard from
there. Go back to Goschennen and get off there and take the MGB to Brig
and go from there to Kandersteg, using this as a base to explore the
Loestchberg. These two give are for a more "leisurly" approach, you
wont fit in as much as with some of the other options. Another lovely
day trip is Erstfeld - Interlaken via Goschennen, MGB to Oberwald, Bus
to Innertkirchen (its a wonderful journey, at least one Swiss PostBus
over the passes is something to experiance) and Zentral Bahn to

The possibilities are literally endless! Strongle recommend the
SwissPass - the flexibility of it is marvellous.

Finally I too would recommend the Migros/CoOp approach to making your
own lunches - its great fun and FAR cheaper the lunching in "touristy"
restaurants. (A Feldschlossen served from the trolly on the train is
also much to be recommended :-)

Have fun!


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