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I stay at a hotel in Luzern and they always let me pack a lunch
for the day,so please don't assume the guests are stealing.

Regards Rachel
Hello Rachel/All:

Most hotels do offer their guests a courtesy Continental Breakfast as
part of the daily room rental. Taking extra rolls and cold cuts will
not get you arrested, but it will not do anything to improve the
impression that you leave with the staff when you leave.

I work in the entertainment industry and have worked in bars and
restaurants. People who don't tip and people who "pocket" leftovers
do not help the image and reputation of their nationality, and that
hurts other guests who follow your stay, no matter what they do.

If you ask the hotel to prepare sandwiches, many of them will for a
few dollars.

Next time, as you are preparing your "lunch", look around and see how
people are looking at you.


Mike C

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