Re: IC 2000 (wasThe RhB rail car revolution begins...)

Max Wyss

The one drawback I find to these sets is how quickly their interiors
are wearing: they dont seem to last nearly as well as some of their
predecessors. Anyone have any notion why?
They seem to me to be built with cheap materials.
I think this is tied in with my complaint about lack of comfort (cheap
= thin and hard in most cases). IMHO the materials used are
disappointingly 'cheap and cheeaful', and I am surprised that the Swiss
should adopt such a 'false economy' (as I am certain these interiors
will need refurbishing soon - ie money will be spent twice when better
materials in the first place would have saved the refurbishment
I have experience with other sections of the SBB (not rolling stock), and there, only the cheapest is good enough (that's why my hometown now has one of the lousiest stations of the whole ZVV network). Thank you, cost cutting politicians...


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