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> I know that there are the Schweers and Wall books which
> give details of the RhB fleet numbers. But at £30+
> each (for four books) this is a bit steep, does anyone
> know of a list of the rolling stock numbers that is a
> bit cheaper? I already have the set of three RhB books
> but they are rather dated. There have been a fair
> number of additions since then.

What "three RhB books" do you have? There are so many! Are you just interested in number-lists? RhB Rolling stock underwent important changes in the last years.

> I also have a bit of a challenge. I have managed to
> travel on an ICE and a Pendolino in Switzerland on the
> same day. Anyone figure out how to include a TGV as
> well? Where would you start from? how far could you
> go? Mind, the travel must all be in Switzerland.
The only possibility to travel with TGV within Switzerland is Zürich - Bern - Neuchâtel. ICE goes Basel - Zürich and Basel - Bern - Interlaken, ICE-T Schaffhausen - Zürich, Cisalpino goes Basel - Bern - Brig, Lausanne - Brig and Schaffhausen - Zürich - Chiasso.
TGV Zürich - Bern: 07.15/08.30, B-15.45/16.57
TGV Bern - Zürich: B-12.33/13.45, 21.25/22.42
B- is daily except Saturday
CIS Basel - Bern 06.17/07.24
CIS Bern - Basel 20.32/21.41
ICE Basel - Bern 15.04/16.11
ICE Bern - Basel 09.49/10.56
ICE Zürich - Basel 05.57/07.00, 0757/08.52, 11.57/12.52
ICE Basel - Zürich 09.48/10.43, 19.08/20.03, 21.01/22.03
CIS Schaffhausen - Zürich 12.09/12.47, 18.09/18.47
CIS Zürich - Schaffhausen 11.13/11.50, 15.13/15.50
ICE-T Schaffhausen - Zürich 10.09/10.50, 14.09/14.50, 20.09/20.50
ICE-T Zürich - Schaffhausen 07.13/07.50, 13.10/13.50, 19.10/19.50
Not on Saturday, you can get around with TGV, CIS and both types of ICE coming to Switzerland: start with ICE from Basel 09.48, arrive in Zürich 10.43, take CIS 11.13, arrive 11.50 in Schaffhausen, nice town/lunch, start with ICE-T 14.09, arrive Zürich 14.50, take TGV 15.45, arrive Bern 16.57, return with any train.

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