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csipromo wrote:
Also, if the MOB was extended to Interlaken Ost, wouldn't the BLS be
cut out of the operation of the Golden Pass Express and limited only
to trackage fees, which wouldn't be in their interest.
Dear Mike. We live in Europe. Here, any company can get access
to any infrastrucuture. Sure, the BLS doesn't like the idea of the MOB
running on their tracks and taking away their business. But nothing
would prevent BLS to make a narrow gauge offer. The problem is in
the brains: BLS wants to be a "true" railway, not narrow gauge ...

That's all. ;-)

Markus, G├╝rbetal

I am fully aware of the way that the infrastructure is working. My
comment was based on the fact that should a third rail be added to the
Zweisimmen-Spiez-Interlaken section, that the BLS would be shut out due
to the fact that both ZB and MOB had rolling stock that could run the
whole route whereas the BLS owns no narrow gauge rolling stock.

Then again, the BLS could buy both the ZB, MOB and why not SOB, make it
all normal gauge, and run one train from Romanshorn to Montreux called
the Golden Voralpenpass Express.

How's that for a suggestion?


Mike C

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