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I'm not sure what exactly this article is referring to.
However, it is to be expected that loco-hauled stock on
trains will get rarer in the future. Cisalpino will replace their
current loco hauled stock by tilting trains. International trains
France are already firmly in the hands of TGVs, and if the
elctrification of Lindau - M√ľnchen goes ahead the same will no
happen for Germany. Through expresses to Austria will be replaced
Austria's new railJet trains (actually loco-hauled push-pull
but using all new stock). This would leave very few turns for
traditional internationally-enabled EC stock. I don't know if there
any plans to run ICes on the Chur - Basel - Germany runs, but
it can only be a question of time till this happens. Beyond that
the night trains will be left, and these are mostly not made of SBB

The EC (Apm, Bpm and Apm Panorama) are being upgraded and will be put
into use on long distance routes within Switzerland.
The DBAG had long ago decided that most of it's international trains
would be replaced by ICE trainsets to the nearest border station,
where passengers would switch to the next national network. There
were exceptions made to include some trains to points within
neighbouring countries.
Over the past few years, many of the European Railways have abandoned
their commitment to international trains to and through Switzerland.
For example, the SNCB decided not to provide the rolling stock for
the Vauban and Iris trains. Rather than abandoning the service, the
SBB decided to provide SBB EC rolling stock for those trains.
For the last decade, the SBB has been using remaining UIC-X coaches
(Bm) and former Eurofima Type Bpm coaches for internal Intercity and
Kurswagen on international trains. The UIC-X coaches are reaching the
end of their useful lives. I presume that these are the coaches that
the SBB is referring to as the ones that will be replaced by the
revamped EC stock.
Among the changes being implemented are push-pull (pendelzug)
capability, meaning that it is possible that we will see the EC
coaches with the matching IC-Bts.
I presume that as the bulk of EWIV stock is refitted and put to use
in Pendel ICs, that the EC coaches will assume the bulk of traffic on
the Gotthard and Loetschberg lines, notably the ICs to Chiasso and
Locarno from Zuerich and Basel/Luzern.
As far as the implementation of multisystem trainsets. There had been
a plan to develop a multisystem trainset between the SBB, DB and OBB.
That plan fell through because the companies could not agree on one
common design and the DB dropped out of the alliance. As far as I
know, there was no further development of this project between the
SBB and OBB. The OBB recently took possession of at least one ICE 411
trainset from the DB, which I presume will be used on routes between
Munich and Austria with DB stock.
I do not think that there will be a multisystem version of the ICN,
although that would have been nice to see. If there is a new
trainset, it will most likely come from Siemens or Alsthom, as
Bombardier has not been too active in the trainset market (other
than joint ventures with Alsthom on a few projects.)
I have not yet seen any details on the rolling stock for the OBB
Railjet trains, but I presume it will be 1016/1116/1216 with OBB EC
coaches in a special livery. Probably with an upper speed limit of
200km/h on some segments of the lines.
Trenitalia has shown more interest in maintaining service, as can be
seen in it's partnership in Cisalpino AG. CNL is now fully under the
control of DB Nachtzug. Many other night trains (like Paris-Zurich-
Chur) have simply been cancelled in favour of HS services during the
day. The SNCB nighttrains to Chur and Brig disappeared in 2002 and
the DB runs only the (now CNL) to Rome via Chiasso and the CNL trains.
I would be interested in knowing whether the EC coaches will retain
their current colours, receive a new livery or be painted to match
the ICN livery?


Mike C

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