Re: Tilting Trains for EC Routes?


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The March issue of the British magazine "Modern Railways" reports that
the existing SBB fleet of 236 EuroCity coaches is to be replaced by
'new tilting trains'.
This is the first I have read about this. Does anybody know any more
about this, and in particular what is planned for the new
international trains?

This was discussed on other groups recently.

It is a typical example of a UK magazine picking up on a foreign report
and not really transliterating it properly. If I were you I'd stick to
group such as this to keep uo tp date with accurate Swiss news!

The same thing happened recently with an ECR press release. Often press
releases just tall the 'general public' what us enthusiasts already

Essentially it is just a reaction to a press release that was sent out
reiterating SBBs policy of cascading (just like it is happening on
every other railway - but without the need for a press release!)
rolling stock. It is not really rocket science to grasp that with new
unit trains entering service, older hauled stock is being cascaded. In
this case what the press release confirms is "what was already known"
namely that more recent 'old' SBB stock will replace older 'old' stock,
ie non airconditioned RIC and the last of the EWI and EWII.

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