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The UIC-X coaches are almost all gone, what is left are UIC-Z2
coaches,rebuilt to open saloon. They are now Bpm but kept their
The former orange Bpm coaches (C1 livery) - which were neither
financed by Eurofima nor corresponded with the design of the
Eurofima-Bm - lost their UIC-ability when modernized and are thus
now lettered B. For better distinction they are also called B 20-

Apologies if this question has been asked before but are there any
Z1 Am coaches still in service and if so are they used with the EC
and Bpm coaches?
John W.
I was a little confused by Guerbetaler's previous post. When he
refers to UIC-Z2, is he referring to the SBB EC coaches?

I was referring to the Bpm (UIC-Z2) coaches that were rebuilt into
domestic B coaches.
At present, the UIC Z1 (VSE A9) Eurofima coaches are painted in the
Eurocity livery and are routinely used alongside the EC coaches on
routes to Munich, Wiesbaden, Brussels among others.
The UIC Z1 (VSE B11) that were delivered to the SBB as Bcm Couchettes
have been modernized and are used on routes to Italy and on other
lesser night trains.
A list of trains with these coaches can be found by looking up the
coach type on

The UIC-X are used as verstaerkungswagen and kurswagen on some
trains. Some excess coaches have been leased to LeNord (FNM) and in
Austria (OBB or Montafonerbahn?)

I presume that once these upgrades are completed, the following will
still be in use:

Eurocity Coaches (*=Push Pull)
Apm Panorama*
Am (ex-Eurofima 1977)

Intercity Coaches (Push Pull)
IC 2000 Double Deck IC Coaches

B (ex Bpm UIC-Z2 1979)

Bcm (ex Bcm Eurofima 1978)

Baggage (Push Pull)
D (ex SNCF MC76)

The UIC-X (1964-1973), EWI, EWII coaches are being phased out.
New coaches are being designed and built for the NPZ trains.

I don't know whether the Eurofima Am coaches will also be upgraded
for domestic push pull (IC) traffic or whether they will be used only
on the remaining international routes?

The EWIV are currently painted in what I call the ICN livery. Is
there a new livery for these coaches (and for the EC coaches) in the
works or will the EC coaches be painted to match the current livery?


Mike C

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