Re: Re 4/4'' 11101 and 11120


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As reported in the March 2008 EISENBAHN AMATEUR these two
locos retain the necessary safety equipment to work mainline
trains although normally confined to Basel SBB empty train moves.
RBe 4/4 1404 remains in stock as reserve for these duties

Not quite sure what you are getting at here. Re 4/4II 11101 has been
performing shunting at Basel for quite a few months already.
Previously, some of those tasks had been performed by two of the RBe
4/4s from the Series 1401-1406, as a result of the last remaining Re
4/4Is being withdrawn from those duties a few years back.

Is 11120 a new addition to this role, or was it there with 11101 the
whole time?


Mike C

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