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What routing does EC 171 (Z├╝rich - Milano) take? According to it stops in Rotkreuz, which seems a bit odd...


Bremgarten b. Bern, Switzerland

I don't understand why Rotkreuz is listed as a stop. That train would
usually travel Zuerich - Thalwil - Oberhorgen - Sihlbrugg - Zug -
Walchwil - Arth-Goldau and on to the Gotthard.

Rotkreuz would only be on the route if the train was coming from
Basel-Luzern, Basel-Olten or redirected out of Zuerich via Baar,
either via Thalwil or by the old line.

More interesting, there are two trains labelled EC 171. One is the
Zuerich-Milano CIS EC and the other is a EC from Berlin to Budapest.
How common is that?


Mike C

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