SOB Loks


Why would SBB Cargo lease SOB Loks when SBB Cargo is actively looking
for operators to lease units from their fleet of Re 482?

Also, if we are referring to the ex-VHB/RM Loks, would BLS not have
first option on their use, including eventual use by BLS C or was
proprietorship of these two loks surrendered to Crossrail at some

The only area where SBB C seems to be doing well is on routes in
Italy. There are too many players on the routes into Germany and
through Switzerland from Germany that SBB C has seen it's share of
traffic (and consequently profit) drop over previous years.

Markus, which SOB loks have been leased to SBBC? What routes are they
operated on?

How long is the duration of this lease? Is there an official posting
of this info?

Also, are all the BDe 576 retired. I saw photos of ex-BT #50 hauling
a SNTF (Algerian) Flirt. What is the current status of the ex-SOB BDe
55-59? Are they all still reserve?


Mike C

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