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This loco was reported as sold to Club San Gottardo (Mendrisio) but
is currently stored? in Bellinzona works. Can anybody confirm if the
sale ever took place or if it is still owned by SBB Cargo?

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At one point, there was talk of keeping this locomotive as a memorial
(Denkmal) at the SBB Shops in Bellinzona. I do not know whether any
reconstructive work was undertaken. Now that the SBB Shops are in
jeopardy, it is possible that the restoration of the lok was taken
over by somebody else, and the Club San Gottardo would be a good
candidate to maintain the lok that carries the crest of the canton
of "Ticino".

There is no information listed on their site yet, but I guess you may
eventually be able to find more info at the club's website:


Mike C

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