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I was looking at this very nice map which shows all the railway
infrastructure in Switzerland:
This was a poor description of the map. It does not show all
Switzerland Railway Infrastructure. Just a cartographical
representation of the Swiss timetable routes. Such maps have and
always will be (*for all countries) somewhat general in nature and
not the place to check railway infrastructure minutae.

One place where "all the railway infrastructure in Switzerland"
really is shown is in the Schweers +Wall Eisenbahn Atlas, here:

Another simpler map is here:

Or perhaps even here (a professional railway operators map – at a
price) (!):<

I agree with Markus. You are being over analytical about a `guide'
map. In any case, as far as I can see every line shown in red* IS
mentioned in some way in the `domestic' Swiss Kursbuch – this is
obviously the criteria for the map, which is therefore correctly
described as a synoptic map of the Swiss domestic timetable pages.

The red (and yellow) lines outside Switzerland represent two things:
(a) routes with some trains operated by SBB-CFF (eg Genève –
Bellegarde where even the SNCF equipment used on the all stations
locals are on hire to CFF)
(b) shown for general onward connection information only – eg Milano
on the Gotthard tables 600 etc, and Stuttgart on table 760

* Stuttgart is on table 760
Luino – Gallarate is included in 630
Bellegarde is on table 151
Schaffhausen – Singen – Konstanz is on table 763/830
Tirano – Lugano bus is in table 90.731

etc etc

GE Eaux Vives – Annemasse is correctly in grey because it is only
shown in international table 5115

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