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AFAIK the Sunegga (Zermatt) and MetroAlpin (Saas Fee) are similar to
Kaprun. Certainly there's a tremendous chimney effect at Sunegga - the
double doors barely contain it. Are these funiculars operating at present?
As the subject has now dropped out of the English media, has a cause for
the Kaprun fire been found yet?
Sunegga and MetroAlpin are working. They are much shorter (1.5 and 1.4 km)
than Kaprun (4 km). And they are completely in Tunnel (Kaprun starts with a
bridge and then has a tunnel of more than 3 km).
A cause for the fire in Kaprun is not yet found and it seems, that it will
take quite a long time to find it out. Experts make a close comparison
between the burned out train set and the still existing one.
Kaprun mamagement said, they thought about closing the funicular forever.
I think, one thing is now known to the public: in case of fire in a tunnel,
walk down, not up! Those who went down, survived.

Markus Giger

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