Re: RhB rolling stock details

glenn allen

The four books I am talking about are the ones by
Scheers and Wall and stcoked by several people in
England. I am more interested in the changes since
they were produced, i.e. thenlast twelve months, the
RhB kindly gave me details of the Vereina stock but
there have been a number of changes, especially stock
going into service use. I only have a few of these
details and would welcome other observations.
--- Eljas P�lh� <> wrote:
Good books with RhB details include:

Taschenlexicon Triebfahrzeuge der Schweiz by Theo
Stolz, pub. Minirex 1999,
ISBN 3-907 014-11-1, pocket size, 473 pages, photo
and technical details of
all public railways locomotives and railcars (not
departmental vehicles). If
you are from UK, try Ian Allan bookshop or Platform
5 (both have advertised

If you want only RhB, a German magazine, Eisenbahn
Journal, has published
four specials for RhB: Die RhB, Teil 1 ... 4, cover
price in Germany DM
22.80, each 100 pages with both colour and
historical b/w photos, some
roster details, better on line details. The latest
has ISBN 3-89610-063-7
and covers Landquart-Klosters-Davos-Filisur and
Vereina. All are A4 size,
soft cover (ie. like magazines)

Platform 5 has also a Swiss handbook: Swiss
Railways. Locomotives Railcars &
Trams by Chris Appleby, ISBN 1872524907. Lists every
single unit number by
each railway, many colour and b/w photos. Excellent
value at its cover price
GBP 13.50.

Eljas P�lh�

From: glenn allen <>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 13:05:37 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [SwissRail] RhB rolling stock details

I know that there are the Scheer and Wall books
give details of the RhB fleet numbers. But at ?30+
each (for four books) this is a bit steep, does
know of a list of the rolling stock numbers that
is a
bit cheaper? I already have the set of three RhB
but they are rather dated. There have been a fair
number of additions since then.

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