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Keith Ballinger asked:
I have heard rumours of some merger between the MThB, SOB, and BT. Is there any truth to this? Also, I believe that the MThB now runs regularly on BT tracks - which route is this on?
It is not yet time for mergers. But changes will eventually take place. Before, the Confederation and the cantons will have to define their position as owners (together they mostly keep around 90% of stock, this is true for MThB, SOB and BT). In the discussion about BLS, it was said, that the Confederation is not willing to procure risk capital for freight and passenger transport. On the other hand, the Confederation paid most of the investments made on BLS in the past 30 years or so. Thus, BLS infrastructure (assets, not day-to-day operations) should be brought into a separate corporation. There could be a similar solution proposed for MThB, SOB and BT. Answers are not to be given before next year.
New MThB "GTW 2/6" (ABe 2/6) trains for the "Seelinie" are on contractual basis maintained in Herisau by BT. As most MThB rolling stock is fitted with german pantographs, they must not go further than Herisau, clearance in tunnels not being sufficient. The MThB trains run through from Schaffhausen - Kreuzlingen to St. Gallen - Herisau, BT push-pull-compositions doing the same in the other direction. So it is a cooperation, each railway company keeping its responsability as it was before. But passengers do not have to change in Romanshorn, where MThB and BT meet.
Markus Giger

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