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Amtrak must be one of the most underfunded railway operators in
world. So no money trees there. Yet they rely very strongly on
classical loco + train consists. As far as I am aware the diesel
fleet is (apart from the talgos) 100% loco and train, and the
electric fleet also has many locos and even the EMUs are to a
extent flexible formations.
AMTRAK relies completely on loco + car consists. The Talgos which
run in
the Pacific Northwest are ,AFAIK, Talgo cars only. with non-tilting
diesel locomotives.

(A train in North America is a consist of cars and power that has
authority to run on a certain section of track, ie loco + cars or
MU cars.)

All trains in the northeast are loco + car including the Acela
consists. AMTRAK has no EMUs, although multiple Acela consists
could be
coupled together and run as one train.

NJT, SEPTA, Metro North,and ConDot(Connecticut Dept of
have EMUs. NJT and SEPTA run on some AMTRAK tracks and AMTRAK runs
ConDot rails.

And this is not just the old old stuff they have inherited but
the newer acquisitions.
Almost all inherited equipment has long been retired except
possibly for
some cars that have been rebuilt.

bob gillis
Amtrak used to run a Diesel motor unit between Montreal and NYC Grand
Central. The train would run the scenic route along Lake Champlain,
Lake George , through the Adirondacks and along the Hudson River.
This train was replaced by lok pulled consists in the last 10-15

Hopefully one of these days, this route will be replaced by a high
speed or other electrified route.


Mike C

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