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csipromo wrote:
Any major changeover will occur with the new Timetable in
December. For example, the SOB Re 456 are being retired
and are being sold. The
SBB Re 4/4II that were assigned to the same service are being
reassigned to other duties. Those trains and the SOB NPZ are being
replaced by new "Flirt" type trainsets.
SOB hasn't ordered any additional FLIRTs yet. If you replace every
"are" with "might be" it' s quite correct. SOB is trying to sell
Re 456 with Revvivo coaches and the NPZs. But if there is nobody
to buy, they will remain. They are not yet written off.
I did not imply that the SOB was ordering additional Flirt trainsets.
I just stated that the VAE services would be assumed by some of the
existing trainsets (if the Re 456 and consists are withdrawn).

With the introduction of the ICN and EWIV Pendelzuege to the
and the introduction of the new Cisalpino trains, much of the
Eurocity coach fleet will now see use in Interregio and Intercity
traffic. At some point, these coaches will also be used in IC
Pendelzuege, once they are equipped for push-pull operation.
Push-pull on the Gotthard? Never heard of this. A number of
EW IV is downgraded back to 160 km/h for the Gotthard services,
they reappear as 50 85 10-75 and 21-75 ...

Markus, G├╝rbetal
Exactly what rolling stock does the SBB intend to use between Zurich
and Lugano and Basel and Locarno? I had heard ICN for one and IC Push-
Pull for the other. I don't know if the IC changeover was for 2009 or
just in the planning stages.


Mike C

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