Clockface timetables (was Re: End of border checks?


Getting slightly off topic but I have two comments:

<krist.vanbesien@...> wrote:
By the way, SNCF and RFF are slowly moving to a clockface timetable,
starting with the TER trains and progressing region by region.
Not true, SNCF has no say. All regional services are owned by the
regions so it is the regions that are starting to introduce clockface

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 9:57 AM, George Raymond <geor@...> wrote:
Somehow SNCF seems to always find a way not to properly implement a
clockface teimtable though, since they still have lots of exceptions
and departure times varying by a few minutes one way or the other

exactly right! however the geography and demography of such a large
contry does not help

To me it seems time and time again that SNCF is willing to put a lot
of effort in avoiding to be as good as SBB...
Who says SBB is good? There are arguments against clockface
timetables, such as if you happen to be on a journey where trains
arrive a few minutes after the hourly train had left on another
route - it does happen...

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