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but am not as familiar with the RHB. I would be looking for good
photographic spots and perhaps a chance for some snow shoe trekking
(definitely straying off topic a bit here!. All travelling will be
done using rail with a Swiss Pass

So if anyone has a suggested 3 day itinerary

Take a look at Message 10173 from Brian D. dated February last. The
link to the associated photos is also worth a browse for location
ideas. He based himself at the Grischuna. It certainly inspired
to give it a go and I am booked in there in January 2009 and why

Now, have a look what ambled through Filisur this a.m. on logs
(whoops, I hope there won't be another debate on when logs are logs
and timber is just wood in some form or other...... Sorry Chaps)

Enjoy your trip and may the light be with you, as they say.



there is much more to the Grisons than trains in February. I would
suggest that you check out locations in the Engadine, which by itself
is a lovely destination in the winter. If you stay somewhere between
Zuoz and Samedan, you can enjoy cross country or downhill skiing,
snowshoeing and will be within minutes of the RhB routes to Vereina,
the Albula, Bernina and to St Moritz itself.
One photo location that I remember from my childhood was from the
road between St Moritz and Pontresina. The other one was the station
at Diavolezza.

The important thing to remember is that access to many locations in
the winter is dependent on snow and weather conditions. Basing
yourself in the Engadin will allow you to explore the greatest
variety of RhB routes. (see above).

St Moritz - Samedan - Albula - Filisur
St Moritz - Scuol - Vereina
St Moritz - Bernina (- Tirano)
The other trip that is worth the ride in the winter is the Chur-Arosa


Mike C

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