Re: Itinerary suggestions


Firstly, as a Suisse Romandiste, I'm hpoping this message will be
number 11501 «Renens»

I agree with Mike C's point about being wary of footpaths in winter.
Technically (does this include the path from Filisur to the
Landwasser?) many footpaths are legally shut during winter – some
with `no walking ` signs. On last Easter's trip to the MOB my wife
and I were a bit naughty and used a path which I think was officially
closed for the winter due to ice risk. Conversely, the previous
Easter we benefited from the winter wanderweg route from Oberwald to
Fiesch being alongside the railway all the way, whereas the normal
summer paths are not! See messages 8248 and 8251:

Filisur is a very common place for people to go (even I'm going there
but only because I found one of the few locations where you can rent
a detached chalet close to a station (my wife and I prefer the
tranquillity of a complete chalet to ourselves if possible)).

Why not try and visit a few of the narrow gauge lines that nobody
ever truly visits? I'm thinking of things like the Trogener Bahn,
Frauenfeld – Wil, Appenzeller Bahnen etc. The Appenzell mountains are
very pleasant in winter snow. An excellent centre for trips in this
area is the nice spa town of Bad Ragaz which had good services from
the station without the bustle of Chur, From Bad Ragaz you could
visit both the RhB and the abovementioned.

Alternatively, you could do the ZB (Engelberg is worth doing for the
very steep rack) and you could visit Luzern for a `famous town'
excursion. You could stay in the hills alongside the ZB at the Hotel
Lowen in Lungern.

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