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Do you mean the Family Coach [Familienwagen mit Kinderabteil
(CORRECTION)] that were
converted from EW4 second class in 1997?

These were used on Geneva-St Gallen IC trains and I remember seeing
one in
Chiasso although I don't remember if this was a regular working

They were 50 85 84-73 000 to 005 ex 21-73 107 110 190 191 192 193
84-75 as fitted with pushpull. They were converted back to normal
class with their old numbers in
05.03/07.02/11.01/11.01/07.02/02.02. They
are now 21-95 107 etc upgraded to 200kph

I don't have a date for when the initial conversions were carried
out but
they were certainly in service as family coaches by 1989
These coaches were accessible to all passengers and not just those
who had second class tickets. Thus, a family travelling in first
class could visit the play area in the coach.

The days of having separate dining car and facilities for first class
passengers because mingling was "beneath them" is a little passe.


Mike C

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