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Hi all,
ZDB? Zermatt Disentis Bahn?

Cheers , Staan

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What about : WUG (Wallis - Uri - Graubünden) after the 3 cantons
BVZ/FO cross ??
Best regards
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leftcoaster2002 <leftcoaster@w...> schrieb:
> I may have missed this before I joined the list; couldn't find
> info, or else looked in the wrong place...
> While preparing for my trip to Switzerland in October, I came
> mention of a merger between the BVZ, and the FO, effective 1-1-
> This surprised me. To the best of my knowledge, both are
> and equally proud of their roles. Just what IS driving this

More info was on German speaking BahnCH, so you couldn't find

For me, the BVZ/FO merger is a very logical thing. BVZ is wholly
owned by
privates, FO for more than 90% by public hands (Confederation,
cantons, etc.).
Technical parameters of both compnaies are far identical
(Schöllenenbahn being
the exception). Some of the products are identical. But now some
problems have
to be solved:

With the opening of the new Lötschberg tunnel connections will be
made in Visp
and no longer in Brig. It doesn't make sense to offer Brig -
Zermatt but it
could be a good thing to continue trains from Andermatt to Visp.
Or it would
even be better to run through Andermatt - Zermatt. Anyway, it
will be easier to
determine a new offer without the limitation of company boarders.

Visp station nees to be enhanced and the existing BVZ workshop
has to go.
On the other hand, FO now has a (too) big workshop near Brig that
easily take over the tasks of Visp workshop.

Some other investments in infrastructure on BVZ are necessary and
it doesn't
seem possible to find a private financing therefore. This means
that BVZ will
need public money and it's tradition of private financing comes
to an end.

Next point, public funding for rolling stock will end and a
private financing is
necessary. BVZ having financed all its rolling stock this way can
bring in it's

Last but not least, development of Galcier express is somewhat
complicated with
three partners. This also means that BVZ/FO merger will not be
the last step ...

Maybe you are interested in the planned structure of the new
1. BVZ/FO asset company, holding the whole infrastructure, all
shares held by
Confederation and cantons
2. BVZ/FO transport company, holding rolling stock and workshops,
about 3/4 kept
by BVZ-Holding and 1/4 by Confederation and cantons
3. BVZ/FO management company, kept at 50% each by BVZ-Holding and

stephenhorobin@l... <stephenhorobin@l...> schrieb:
> I would suggest the Zermatt Brig Oberalpbahn Furka bahn. ZBOF.

IF, it would be Zermatt - Brig - Furka - Oberalpbahn ZBFO

It seems quite sure that Zermatt will be retained in the
company's name. But for
the rest, much is open. What about
Zermatt - Furka - Oberalp
Zermatt - Furkabahn
Zermatt - Oberalpbahn
Zermatt - Furka - Rhein
Zermatt - Gotthardbahn
Gotthard - Zermattbahn
Matterhorn - Gotthard
Zermatt - Rhone - Rhein
Zermatt - Urseren - Graubünden ("ZUG"!)
Tujetsch - Goms - Zermatt
Oberalp - Goms - Zermatt
... to be continued

Markus, Gürbetal

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