Re: Gipfeli Express

Andrew Moglestue

--- In SwissRail@..., Neil Larry <nl12lda@...> wrote:

Since the demise of the quality catering on Einsiedeln service can
anyone update me further, is it still a hauled service or now operated
by units? If it is still hauled what can be expected these days. Neil
As far as I am aware it is still loco-hauled. Traction is typically one
of the four SOB ex-SBB Re4/4 iv units and the stock is typically still
a mixed set of SBB EWI/II with the different refurbishment variants.

I guess that its just not economic to roster new units onto a turn that
spends mots of the day parked up in sidings. I suppose the current
consist will continue as long as SBB is prepared to provide those


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