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Neil Larry wrote:
Since the demise of the quality catering on Einsiedeln service can
anyone update me further, is it still a hauled service or now
operated by units? If it is still hauled what can be expected
these days. Neil
The coaches are EW II and maybe a single EW I A New Look.
But it is very interesting, how much shunting is done:

18044 goes down with 10 (!!) coaches A-B-B-B-A-B-B-A-B-B

4 coaches are left in Zürich Altstetten

18045 comes back with 6 coaches B-B-A-B-B-A

3 coaches are left in Einsiedeln

18050 goes down with only 3 coaches A-B-B

the 4 coaches left in Zürich Altstetten are coupled again

18051 goes up with the usual 7 coaches, now B-B-B-A-B-B-A

all 10 coaches pass the night in Einsiedeln

Elegant way to cope with the more intense traffic flow in the
morning and the maximum load pulling up the 5% grade!

Coaches are
5085 18-33 604 A EW II
5085 20-34 581 B EW II
5085 20-34 638 B EW II
5085 20-34 612 B EW II
5085 18-33 613 A EW II
5085 20-34 507 B EW II
5085 20-34 562 B EW II
5085 18-33 540 A EW I
5085 20-34 565 B EW II
5085 20-34 733 B EW II

Markus, Gürbetal
Thanks for all of the details Markus.
I did not know if the SBB EWI and IIs (other than IR and NPZ) were
still in use.

BTW, which loks are used for all the trains mentioned?


Mike C

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