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As I understand it, some SOB BDe4/4 power cars were transferred to
Makies AG, to work their gravel trains. Has this actually happened?
it has then it is quite an unusual railway operation, especially as
least one of the vehicles appears to be a 1979-built (that's
quite `new' to some of us!) example.

Sorry to reopen the old debate, but…
If so it would be a shot in the arm for the people who consider
Swiss `power cars' to be `locomotives with passenger accommodation'
thus tacit locomotives. Certainly the SOB units in question have a
power rating of 2100kW, almost four times more powerful than the
Henschel diesels I saw at work on these trains in the Entlebuch
Here are some photos of the ex-SOB BDe 4/4 (576) in use by Makies AG.
Search (Suchen) for Makies under "Bahngesellschaft"
The company purchased these surplus Triebwagen from the SOB as they
were comparatively less expensive than other locomotives that were on
the market.

Other former SOB Triebwagen were sold to the Verein EBT (Mirage) and
to other collections and are used for charters/special events.


Mike C

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