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Hello Does anyone know if webcam on the Swiss Re460 is coming back
as it hasn't been available for many months
The Re 460 "My Switzerland" has been repainted in red and no longer
advertises for the Swiss Tourism Office. I think that this must have
something to do with the end of the webcam's use.
Since the loco is never seen from a camera in the cab, this makes little
sense. The Lokocam has not been working for about 3 months.
Although I have not seen a photo on the official site for over a year, it appears that the camera has been still active, as there are photos (archive) from much of 2008 and early January at

This was the site where the individual photos had been posted.

According to the Ferrosteph photos, the lok was in regular service until just before Christmas 2008. You are right in assuming that something mechanical must have happened to the lok that required longer than normal servicing.


Mike C

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