RhB visit - freight observations and queries 18-20th March 2009

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A few days spent in Graubunden to enjoy some RhB traffic activity. These are the freight observations:

Wednesday, 18th March

We commenced our RhB visit at Landquart. Loco 631 arrived at LQ at 1040 with Freight No. 5026 from Davos. Apart from a low sided wagon and a van, the consist included two white Giezendanner tanks containers on Sb-v well wagons. I saw similar wagons last year on a Davos bound freight and was sure I saw a couple of such wagons in a siding near Klosters Dorf. Does anyone know where they operate to/from and what the consignment being moved is, please?
Once the above arrival had been cleared from the centre road, 707 arrived at 1100 with Freight 5120 from Samedan. The consist included empty log flats returning from the Bernina and sheeted waste bins.

We headed out to Malans and for the next couple of hours worked locations either side of the village in splendid mild and sunny conditions.

The passenger services ran like clockwork, as you would expect and the following freight activity was seen:
As soon as R1541 from Schiers had departed Ge6/6/ 702 arrived (1243) with Freight 5336 from Zernez in the Engadine. The consist included a Calanda and Co op container and a brace of RhB covered vans. The freight waited for both RE1041 & 1241 to clear the LQ section before departing.

The afternoon LQ-Jenaz tripper No. 5043 was the next to appear, following the R1231 to Schiers. It produced the splendid combination of 4/4' 610 hauling a brace of SBB standard gauge Tds hoppers on metre gauge runner wagons. The return working No. 5042 followed R1549 from Schiers at 1445 and was again a pair of the above hoppers. So, what is being conveyed please and is it to or from Jenaz?

Thursday, 19th March

Another bright morning, so off to Ilanz first thing to pick up the water traffic – I think not!!. We were advised it was a Holy Day so there would be no Ilanz traffic either Thursday or Friday that week, so we were left with the Disentis cement trains for our freight activity. Put that one in the diary, Chaps.

Train 5236 was early into Ilanz but had to wait its path, so did not head east until RE1224 had arrived at 1130. 701 had the usual rake of bogie cement tanks and silos in the consist.

The westbound 5243 cement working later followed RE1232 and was through Castrisch at 1349, 702 had a good load on with two tanktainers at the front, followed by silos and then bogie tanks.

We headed round on to the Albula line to drop off at Rhazuns. Once the 1531 R1550 departure had cleared, 703 trundled in with Train 5151 the LQ-PORE (Pontresina) job. It had at this stage, a container for Poschiavo and two loads of logs for Campocologno, although with the line still blocked, they would be off loaded at Poschiavo for movement on by road. The freight sat here to allow both RE1148 (704 on this) and the R1552 from Thusis to clear before heading south.

It was not long before the barriers were down again and 607 with Train 5152 Samedan-Landquart came through. An empty cement silo Uc, a brace of white waste bins/containers and 2 wagons of loaded logs were behind the loco. When checked later, the Filisur webcam had confirmed the consist to be the silo and timber empties earlier that afternoon, so 5152 had called at Surava and Thusis for traffic purposes, no doubt.

We took a ride to Thusis and caught 5151 up. At Thusis, another 2 wagons of loaded logs were added, tagged for Campo, as above. It then continued south behind RE1153.

A second southbound freight for Pontresina was soon into the loop at Thusis, 704 with Train 5155.This had blue waste containers and a Holcim tank to which the Thusis pilot added flats loaded with cars before it continued south at 1733.

Friday, 20th March

We were up and out for the early `all shacks' R1117 along the Albula, with Ge6/6 704 at the front and why not!

At Thusis, (0728) we found 705 waiting to follow our train south with 5113 (LQ-PORE). Four wagons of logs and a container was the load. At Surava (0755) 703 was waiting with Train 5120 (SAME-LQ) to head north having delivered a brace of maroon ACTS waste containers (seen earlier on the Filisur cam) and collected a pair of green containers

We dropped off at Bever where 705 rolled in at 0920 with 5113 to allow the Chur bound RE service to pass.

The return working of the above Pontresina freight arrived back at Samedan at 1030 with a good rake of containers. Freight No. 5140 to LQ then waits to follow the RE1136 than clear Bever at about 1120.

Shortly after 1230, 707 approached Bever with Freight 5129 (CH-SAME). This comprised in the main a rake of Kuoni and Calanda branded vans and maroon ACTS waste containers. At 1322 4/4' 610 having earlier worked RE1125 from Samedan to St.Moritz headed north with Freight No.5152 (SAME-LQ). The consist included an empty log bolster, low sided wagons and empty container carriers with a single Uc cement silo in the middle.

Our final freight of the day dropped down into Bever at 1412, when 633 appeared with a brace of Aldi branded containers being Freight No.5135 (LQ-PORE). We then headed down to Pontresina, where 633 was sat with a single empty log wagon waiting to follow R1952 back to Samedan.

Despite the lack of Ilanz water and container traffic, we managed to see and record a good cross section of the RhB freight during our visit. What a fascinating and photogenic railway. Any clarification on the Davos and Jenaz traffic queries would be appreciated.



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