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JOHN wrote:
My wife and I will be visiting Switzerland for ten days in the
begining of September. On a past trip, I remembered that in the
first class coaches the windows didn't open and you could not take
in the fresh air. Would there be issues of finding seats in second
class during the first two weekends of September or on the weekday?
Any comments on our choice of 1st class vs 2nd class is appreciated.
Apart from what Pete already said:

Mostly trains are air-conditioned throughout or not at all. However,
on the Gotthard - Locarno IR trains (sometimes called stoppers here
in this group) and on the Genève - Brig trains you might find a few
Bpm51 at the head or rear of the consist. These are non-air-conditioned
2nd class coaches.

But if you tell us on which lines you want to travel, we might tell you
what train to take if you need a window to open.

Markus, Gürbetal
This Swiss Rail Card (for example) offers a choice of 1st and 2nd class travel. Having the 1st class Card does not mean you have to travel in 1st class. You can use that Card in second class seats as well.
What it does offer is seating in first class areas, ie the Golden Pass Express, Glacier Express, SBB Panorama Coaches, etc for which a surcharge would otherwise apply.
The Eurailpass for Adults is only offered in 1st Class, but you can also travel in a 2nd class coach with that card.

Even if travelling in 1st Class, nothing stands in your way of spending a little time in a different coach with open windows to take photos or a little air. Just remember to pay heed to the "Bitte nicht herauslehnen" signs on the window frame or you may receive a catenary mast to the head, or worse yet an entire locomotive.
and some of us don't take kindly to people who splatter themselves on our beloved locomotives.


Mike C

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