Re: Luggage lockers at smaller stations


Rothenburg I suspect is no longer a station, but merely a
stop, with no services. Not surprising, as there's only S18
stopping, twice an hour.
Pascal, a small piece of linguistic advice about English. Take
care with the word 'services'. In this context (ie what
equipment there is installed in station buildings), 'services'
is better translated in English as 'facilities'.
Pascal, please fell free to ignore that advice.... your meaning
was more than adequately in normal International English usage!
I don't see why he should 'ignore' my advice. I would prefer he
take note, even if he doesn't action it. I was originally going to
state 'in English English' but decided I ought not to have to.
The problem of the several english "dialects" (British, American, Indian, Australian, International, Tourist, ...) is well known. It seems to be even worse in Railway English (sleeper...).
So I'll always listen to advice - and then heed it or ignore it as it seems fit ;-)
However, in this case, I'd have to use the word "service" anyway, as I was *not* talking about facilities, but about services (meaning, I can have something done for me). I think in the context it would be clear to anyone I don't mean "train services", which is what the elliptic use mentioned by gordonwis refers to.

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