Re: Luggage lockers at smaller stations

Richard Bowen


As it happens I was at both the old and the new Vernier-Meyrin

The old appears to be staffed as a block post, so it could be considered
as a very superior signal box now. I was made very welcome here and
rather like my picture of one of the La Plaine trams passing through the
tidy station with its baskets of geraniums. The same shot with a TGV
dominating the scene is much less attractive.

Although we can not influence how the SBB sets up its web site my own
feeling is that when it says

Gares les plus proches (or equivalent)

I can type any name that I know and only if I mis-spell it then I should
get a failure message.

As it happens it looks as if some-one on the CFF is attending to matters
right now for indeed Vernier-Meyrin does now gives a response that
indicates that the station has one thing going for it namely: "Accesso
al marciapiede senza Scala (rampa o ascensore)". But nothing else
significant - as one might expect.

Rothenburg still gives
"Keine Resultate gefunden"

whereas I think I might prefer "no data available for this station" and
"name not in data-base" to be distinguished.

Richard A. Bowen

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