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New MThB "GTW 2/6" (ABe 2/6) trains for the "Seelinie" are on contractual basis maintained in Herisau by BT. As most MThB rolling stock is fitted with german pantographs, they must not go further than Herisau, clearance in tunnels not being sufficient. The MThB trains run through from Schaffhausen - Kreuzlingen to St. Gallen - Herisau, BT push-pull-compositions doing the same in the other direction. So it is a cooperation, each railway company keeping its responsability as it was before. But passengers do not have to change in Romanshorn, where MThB and BT meet. 
I thought the GTW 2/6 on "Seelinie" was the Stadler diesel unit. I remember one being in St. Gallen for the celebrations in 1997. Is there an electric version running to Herisau? Do the RBDe 4/4's from MThB run on this service too - or do you know where they run? (I assume this is a relatively recent change in the service since I do not recall seing MThB units in Herisau when I was there 1996-7.)
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