Re: Swiss Ticketing

Bill Bolton

On Sat, 20 Jun 2009 13:03:32 -0000, Fiona wrote:

If my German is correct I can get a Halbtax for CHF150 (valid 1 year).
There then seems to be a ticket I havn't come accross before, a 9 hour
pass, basically valid outside rush hour for 9 hours travel pratically
anywhere on the system


Seems a good alternative to the Swiss Pass when one has specific travel
plans that dont necessarly need the flexibility it gives.

Do I have that correct?
This seems to be the SBB description in English....


This indicates its a pass valid after 0900 hours on weekdays (valid
all days on weekends and public holidays), rather than a pass valid
for 9 hours, and it has Swiss Pass-like coverage for "travel wherever
you want to".



Bill Bolton
Sydney, Australia

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