"Offizielles Kursbuch" Available in US or Canada?


Does anyone know of a source in the US/Canada where one may purchase the
current "Kursbuch"?
I called the Swiss Travel Office U.S. toll-free line and was assured
that I could it from them using the "myswitzerland.com" website or,
alternatively, from Rail Europe. I was unable to find anything on the
website about ordering the "Kursbuch" and Rail Europe tells me they
don't sell it.

It can be ordered from the SBB in St. Gallen, however there is no way to
order it over a secure link.
Seems that one must establish an online account first, and that option
isn't available for the US.
A gentleman with SBB St. Gallen suggested ordering it from them by
splitting my credit card number on two separate emails, but I'm not too
comfortable with that option. Ordering it thru the mail from St. Gallen
would involve a $20 bank fee for an international draft.

Any suggestions will be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

Jim Tatum
Hendersonville, North Carolina.

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