Re: SBB order goes to Bombardier


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Adding Germany and Austria means additional LZB and Indusi but
nothing else.
It also means interface with 760mm high passenger platforms -- one of
_three_ platform heights in DE -- not just the 550mm standard of CH.
Yes, this is an issue, but unlike the MOB gauge changing coaches there
are no thoughts about variable floor height. A 60 cm floor means 5 cm
difference to Swiss or Austrian or many German platforms and 16 cm
difference to high German platforms - just about the maximum that still
is judged "possible".


I think that the planned upgrades to the St. Margrethen-Lindau-Munich line also included standardization of the platform heights at intermediate stations. I know that this was already an issue in Kempten as far back as the 1980s.


Mike C

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