Re: SBB order goes to Bombardier


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The EWIV date back to 1983. Older than that, the Eurofima Am (1976) and Bpm (1979). I presume that the new rolling stock is to replace the EWI, EWII coaches being withdrawn from service. Additionally, the earlier UIC coaches (1960s) have also been withdrawn over the last few years.
The fact that FS (Italy), SNCB (Belgium) and other railroads have pretty much dropped international services into or through Switzerland has meant that the SBB has had to assume those relations to avoid service being stopped. This means that SBB rolling stock is now used for routes where other railroads' coaches had once been used.
This has meant that the planned conversion of EC coaches for domestic use has been delayed and this has resulted in a requirement for additional coaches.
The planned electrified line to Munich also calls for additional material, which is also covered by this acquisition of trainsets.


Mike C

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