Blue Swiss-Express?

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Can you imagine a blue Swiss-Express. According to today's press release of BLS and SBB it is planned, that BLS give all EW IV to SBB and take over all EW III (Swiss-Express) from SBB. This transaction would take place in 2002 or 04, when BLS quits long-distance market and concentrates on regional traffic, including RX, for which these cars are thought. It seems possible that BLS also runs RX Bern - Luzern when (Dec 2004) new connection via Rothrist allows faster trains than via Langnau - Wolhusen. No decisions are yet made.
BLS also plans to replace SBB-Kolibri (NPZ) on S1, S11 and S3 with NINA's. I dislike NINA as it is quite a rough rider and has not much space for one passenger. It is rather a fast tramway than a train. (I daily use S33 which is still a BLS NPZ but would be a SBB NPZ next May).
Changes in freight traffic due to cooperation agreement between SBB and BLS will already take place next May. Carload service will be secuerd by SBB which might ask BLS for help with locomotives and engineers. Piggyback on the Lötschberg route is organized and run by BLS alone. In transit haulage, SBB and BLS will act as competitors. BLS freight business will be placed in a daughter company. Also SBB-Cargo is a separate entity as from 1 Jan 2001.
German press release:
Markus Giger

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