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Spotted this Press Release on Hupac's site:

Bearing in mind the use of BLS traction on certain Hupac services, could this result in a few changes to the core intermodal services on the Gotthard, maybe?

This is interesting news. In terms of operations, Hupac operates it's own tractive power in Italy (Cesifer = HU). The news release mentions that SBB Cargo will handle the traction in Italy. I wonder what that means for Hupac's own operation.

The routes which were operated using BLS traction have already been spun off to a new company called Ralpin. There is no mention of this new agreement having any impact on the operations of those connections.

SBB Cargo has been looking to improve it's business position and bottom line and this deal looks likely to help in that regard. The article talks about loks being leased from SBB Cargo and not simply operated by SBB Cargo, so there may be changes (livery, etc).

Right now, both BLS and SBB Cargo services are using the Gotthard as the Simplon route is undergoing renovations.


Mike C

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