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I seem to remember the occasional RBe 4/4 with EWI coaches and Dt or DZt on the Gotthard route in 1971-72 when I was a kid. I think that a few of these trains were also used for local trains on the Bellinzona-Locarno route.
As far as I can recall, the Ae 4/7 was far more common on the Zuerich-Sargans-Chur/Austria route than on the Gotthard. It is possible that the Ae 4/7 did some local workings on the Zuerich to Luzern or Zuerich to Zug routes. Most of the trains that I saw on the Gotthard were pulled by either Re 4/4II or Ae 6/6. I also remember seeing the Ae 8/14 and the Ae 4/6 with freight trains. I think that I saw one Be 6/8 (Crocodile) in operation on the Gotthard (Arth Goldau) while we were there.
The wonderful thing about the Gotthard is the variety of coaches and freight cars that you could find behind those mighty SBB loks. Whether it be FS, DB, SNCB, NS, SNCF or even from farther afield, it was a wonder to look at them.
There are a few videos out there that were filmed around 1982, so there are still some nice shots of typical trains of the end of the 1970s. Check if you are in the USA


Mike C

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