Re: French Equivalent for Brake Shoe or Brake Block


It's all in the word...

Sabotage is the noun to describe the action
Saboter is the verb to describe the action
Saboteur is the person who engages in sabotage
Sabot is the name of wooden shoes worn in some parts of Europe in the past

Sabotage likely appeared as an English term during the First World War, hence the reference to 1918. It probably became more common after troops returned home from France at the end of the War.

Sabotage was likely used in French since much earlier. You would have to check a French etymological dictionary to find out.

I don't know whether "clogged" has a similar origin, even though clogs were similar wooden shoes.

Then again, that's the great thing about Wikipedia.; If I am proven wrong, I won't be in 5 minutes...

BTW "Frein" in French is "Fren" in Spanish


Mike C

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