Re: More pantograph questions

Max Wyss

Some driving trailer (Bt) coaches on the Wengernalpbahn and Schynige Platte Bahn carry patographs. On the WAB these are modern one-arm type and on the SPB somewhat more basic. What are these for?
These "pantographs" are ice scrapers. They are used to scrape ice off
the wires in wintry condition.

About pantographs on driving trailers (getting a little bit off-topic
here): The Forchbahn has driving trailers which have been procured for
the Tram2000 type EMUs. These pantographs are connected to converters
for providing power for heating, lighting and other power consumers,
because the EMUs are not equipped with a hotel power line (and it was
cheaper to equip the driving trailers with their own system than to
rebuild the EMUs.

Are there signs showing the limits of working of 'foreign' patographs, e.g. wider DB patographs into Basel SBB or narrower SBB types into Germany?  I have found nothing in my 1982 edition of "Signale der Schweizer Bahnen".
I am not aware of that. Drivers simply have to know how far they can
go without getting into trouble. That is, for the 15 kv/16.7 Hz

For connecting with other voltages, there are signals. You might find
them, stating something like 25/15 or so.

And there is always the "Lower Pantograph" signal...


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