Re: Refurbished Ae 6/6 11421 Graubunden + Refurbished Re 6/6 620 074-5

John Lovda

Thank you for the great detailed Ae 6/6 report.

You mentioned 11413 "Schaffhausen" in your report below. Maybe this is a Roco "fantasy," but they are currently selling this locomotive in a Red/Blue Cargo paint scheme. Also, when in Biasca photographing the line of Ae 6/6's, I noticed that several had the windshield wipers changed from top pivot to bottom pivot with the windshield handrail changed accordingly. If the money was spent to change this I would assume those locomotives were in line for further upgrades.

Changing topics, while in Bellinzona I had the wonderful opportunity to see a locomotive emerge as new; sort of like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. At the far north end of the SBB Workshop there is an area where several mothballed locomotives sit and tracks emerge from the workshop doors. There sat Re 6/6 No. 620 074-5 "Murgenthal." I took some pictures on Oct. 10 and the stenciling on the side said "Be R3 12.10.10." It was being run back and forth in the yard while tests were being performed. It looked beautiful. The mechanical equipment underneath the body by the shiny steel wheels were brand new and shiny. It was tough to get a good picture because the FFS employee parking lot (where I was) was separated from the tracks by a tall chain-link fence. I will post pictures of these two locomotives.


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