Visit to RhB Hauptwerkstatte in Landquart Oct 11, 2010

John Lovda

I had the privilege to be able to visit the RhB Hauptwerkstatte on Oct 11. I had established an informal relationship with an RhB Designer/Engineer who was my guide and host. I have added an album to the photo section. The Siemens Ge4/4 II was to be formally dedicated the following date and I was asked not to pass on any pictures for 24 hours. I am not a steam enthusiast but there was a lot of activity restoring these old locomotives as well as some older coaches. Apparently, there is a decent amout of money to be made renting out the trains for wedding and special tours to make restoration worthwhile. The pictures were all taken with a Canon EOS 1Ds Mk III with a 16-35mm Mk II lens and monopod.

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