Re: Refurbished Ae 6/6 11421 Graubunden + Refurbished Re 6/6 620 074-5

John Lovda

At the south end of the main station building there are some stone/brick stairs that go down to the bus level. Go down these stairs and keep going straight. You will walk past the south end of the depot. When you get to the end of the building, turn right (north) and walk all the way to the end of the complex. It is a looooong 200m - 300m. When you get to the end (I believe there is a traffic light, not sure) turn right. You will pass a building and come to the parking lot. You'll see the parked locomotives. I suspect there are security cameras because last year when I was walking back to the station, a security guard at the main entrance waved and smiled at me. I don't think they care as long as you don't try to get through the fence or climb on the cars.

This huge complex parallels the main tracks. I have added two pictures of this area that were taken at main track level with a telephoto lens as far north as I could go. This was past an employee parking lot and a freight depot. The main complex is lower that the station and main tracks.


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