Re: Refurbished Ae 6/6 11421 Graubunden + Refurbished Re 6/6 620 074-5


This is the 'modernised cab' modification. AFAIK this was an isolated modification/modernisation. All the Ae6/6 still in service are the modified version, but due to the downturn some of the modified versions are still not required at present.
Therefore, the situation at present is that there are xx stored Ae6/6, some of which are modified and some not.
I suspect that at some point soon SBBC will weed out the unmodified and scrap/sell them, but keep the modified examples in store for a bit longer pending an upturn which might see them return to service).

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Also, when in Biasca photographing the line of Ae 6/6's, I noticed that several had the windshield wipers changed from top pivot to bottom pivot with the windshield handrail changed accordingly. If the money was spent to change this I would assume those locomotives were in line for further upgrades.

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