An Introduction

DB fanatic

Dear Swiss Rail Enthusiasts,

Per the welcoming letter from Markus Giger, I would like to offer a quick
introduction of myself to the SwissRail group...

My name is Carsten Ramcke, and I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan with my wife
and four-year-old daughter. I am 37 years old, and have been a European
train enthusiast for as long as I can remember. I have a modest Marklin
H.O. layout in the basement, and have recently begun collecting one-scale
trains (Marklin, Huebner) as well.

I am American-born, but thanks to German parents, have speaking, reading and
writing proficiency in German. My father was (and still is) a train fan,
though not as fanatical as I, so I suppose I can blame him for my obsession
with trains, models, prototypes, European, American, it doesn't matter. I
LOVE TRAINS, period.

I helped form the Great Lakes Chapter of European Train Enthusiasts, and am
an active member in the modular layout group and the Marklin Enthusiasts of
America. I also manage to make a trip or two to Germany or Austria every
year, mostly to see trains, though I do get to visit a relative or two
during that time.

After being laid off last fall I have formed my own company, Great Event
Tours, which sponsors train-related tours to Europe several times a year. I
am in the planning stages of a tour through Switzerland in June, and have
developed a fascination for Swiss trains (to add to my fascination with
German, Austrian, and American ones). Hopefully this list can help me with
some questions that may come up regarding places to see in Switzerland and
"can't miss" locations like the Landwasser viadukt, Brusio, or the Swiss
Transportation Museum.

I thank you in advance for your patience with this "Swiss Newbie" and look
forward to getting to know you all, even if only through email.

Best Regards,

Carsten Ramcke

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