Re: BVZ/FO Merger?


Though I would have preferred Matterhorn - Furka - Oberalp,
I just checked, weather the new Matterhorn - Gotthard railway
name was amongst the names I proposed here on 26 Sep 2002.
Yes, it was:

It seems quite sure that Zermatt will be retained in the
company's name. But for the rest, much is open. What about
Zermatt - Furka - Oberalp
Zermatt - Furkabahn
Zermatt - Oberalpbahn
Zermatt - Furka - Rhein
Zermatt - Gotthardbahn
Gotthard - Zermattbahn
Matterhorn - Gotthard
Zermatt - Rhone - Rhein
Zermatt - Urseren - Graub�nden ("ZUG"!)
Tujetsch - Goms - Zermatt
Oberalp - Goms - Zermatt
... to be continued
Markus, G�rbetal

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