Schweizer Eisenbahn-Revue 2/2003


Schweizer Eisenbahn-Revue 2/2003 has arrived.
Cover scan is in the files:
Besides international news, Swiss topics are
(in alphabetical order, indicating page number and cp for color
photo, p for photo and scpc for small color picture on cover;
text in [brackets] is NOT information from SER):

a.. "Memorandum of understanding" signed by Italian, Swiss,
German and Dutch transport minister or their representatives, aims
at improving North-South rail transports (54)
b.. Basel starts planning for a S-Bahn tunnel Basel SBB - Basel
Bad. Bf. (92, plans)
c.. BLS eagerly awaiting new motive power has to press into
service even historic vehicles. Background is that some clients of
Lokoop didn't want to continue with SBBC after the take-over and
BLS could win additional freight volume. Loan of 2 SBB Ae 6/6
ended mid December. (51, 2 cp)
d.. BLS took over SBB maintenance facility "Depot Bern"
(Aebimatt). SBB special services ("Messtechnik") will find a place
in smaller BLS "Depot Holligen" (52)
e.. BLS/TRN/TMR-NINA description (68, drawings, 16 cp, cover)
f.. DB AG to sell their "Bodensee Schiffsbetriebe GmbH" ship
business to "Stadtwerke Konstanz" (80)
g.. FNM works container trains [with their E 630 01-10 ex CSD]
in open access on the Italian network exchanging in Domodossola
directly with BLS, also in open access (81, cp)
h.. Hupac works in open access with own diesel locomotives D
753.701 and 702 ex CSD on Italian RFI tracks (81, cp)
i.. Lokoop's 18 Ae 477, now owned by SBBC were collected in
Hemishofen, awaiting a possible decision for a sale back to
Germany. The 6 quite new Re 486 sit unused in Basel (54, cp)
j.. Parsennbahn Davos first section funicular rebuilt, now
having a gauge of 1200 instead of 800 mm, hourly capacity is now
2200 passengers (93, cp)
k.. RM motor coaches and driving trailers renumbered [now
grouped according to type instead of ancient ownership EBT, VHB or
SMB] (56)
l.. SBB chose Siemens to install GSM-R all over Switzerland [SBB
will also be provider for private railways as there are not enough
free frequencies for each company to erect their own GSM-R] (50)
m.. SBB criticized by the editor for certain points of their
investment policy (56)
n.. SBB detected problems with Schlieren-bogies of Bpm and other
UIC-Z2 and X coaches, 70 of them set aside to be repaired (50)
o.. SBB meets some problems in their Seetalbahn upgrade project
p.. SBB opened a distinct Klingnau station, renaming
Döttingen-Klingnau into Döttingen [Baden - Koblenz line] (54)
q.. SBB opened two new stops in the "suburbs" of Luzern:
Emmenbrücke Gersag (Luzern - Zug) and Längenbold (Luzern - Zug); 8
more new stops to come (53, 2 cp)
r.. SBB ordered 21 more IC 2000 bilevel coaches (second class,
non-smoking) and 30 more driving trailers IC Bt, bringing the
total to 90 (50)
s.. SBB Re 460 038 announcing "strate go!" = SBB passenger
division strategy (51, 1 cp)
t.. SBBC Re 482 010-015 delivered for use in Germany only to
replace HGK and Hupac locomotives and because Siemens was not able
to deliver ZUB fast enough. The missing parts will be fitted in
summer (80, cp, scpc 1)
u.. SBB rolling stock mutations (55)
v.. SBB strategic objectives defined by Swiss government
(Bundesrat) (54)
w.. SBB tests 1700 m long trains with 3 locomotives on
freight-only line Koblenz - Laufenburg; it was not unexpected that
more than once couplings broke (90, 2 cp, scpc 3)
x.. SBB to fit new Mattstetten - Rothrist line with conventional
signals to allow opening in Dec 2004 and use of the line before
ETCS level 2 will be ready (expected 2005) (85, drawings)
y.. SBB try to get more out of their real estate, creating the
new label "RailCity" for big passenger stations and their
commercial use (53)
z.. SVB steam tramway locomotive 12 on test run to Worb Dorf
(52, cp)
aa.. Thurbo GTW production on time (51)
ab.. TPC-BVB tramway coach C2 57 back from Blonay-Chamby and in
use together with Be 2/2 9 as nostalgic train (52, cp)
ac.. Winpro (ex SLM) takes over part of Crossarc (ex Swissair ex
Sulzer) (52)
ad.. WSB on 15 Dec opened relaid Rainach Unterdorf - Menziken
line, now on old SBB grade instead of street-running and presents
new livery (94, 4 cp)
Markus, Gürbetal

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