Re: Freight on Matterhorn-Gothard Bahn and on the RhB.


Krist van Besien <> schrieb:
- A significant amount of freigth is transported between Visp and
Zermatt. I got the impression that almost everything is
transshipped in Visp. Although
some metre gauge cars are aparently transported on standard gauge
transporters on the SBB network. Does someone know how far these
To the other side of Visp station where some industrial sidings are located
(bere, mineral water and the like)

- Is there any freight on the former FO?
yes, to Sedrun/ATG work place for new Gotthard tunnel
but general freight has become rare
will be interesting to see if this policiy will change after merger

- There is freight on the RhB. Is there any freight between MGB and
probably not but would be possible

- Does all freight on the Rhb to/from SBB get transshipped? Or do
they also use "rollbocke"? (what are these called in English ?)
Rollb�cke = transporter bogies
Rollschemel = transporter wagons

RhB has some transporter wagons, but they can only be used
as far as Thusis and Schiers, due to insufficient tunnel clearance
beyond. Flat cars might go to Arosa, Davos etc. but haven't for
years - AFAIK.

Most goods nowadays come in containers and similar things.

Markus, G�rbetal

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