Re: Freight on Matterhorn-Gothard Bahn and on the RhB.

Guerbetaler <> schrieb:
Frieght is a regular source of traffic on the FO with considerable
sidings at Oberwald
but not for freight traffic, AFAIK

and Andermatt

I don't know if much frieght gets carried between Andermatt and
Disentis though because of the severe gradients but there is
a car carrying service that works to and from Sedrun.
which is considered to be passenger traffic according to Swiss laws.

AFAIK FO freight wagons are now only used for:
- Alptranist/Sedrun
- military transports
- departemental use
- baggage transport
- car carrying
- bicycle transport

anybody knows other considerable sources?

Markus, G�rbetal

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